Open Roles

Not in SF? Some roles are global. We want the best people. Wherever you may be. Come work with us from your happy place.

Benefits and Perks

It wouldn’t be very funny if a place called Play offered zero benefits. It would be ironic though. The truth is we want every employee to know we value their hard work. So we pay them fairly and generously and not in free kombucha. Though there is that too.

Studio Values

Aside from a shared belief that replacing the box of baking soda in your fridge every 30 days is overkill, our studio is united by these core principles.

accountability communication excitement gratitude growth honesty listen play

About Play

Play is a design agency with a simple mission: To create original and inspiring work that matters. To our clients and ourselves. And to have fun while doing it. Ok maybe a three part mission isn’t that simple. But what in life is? Even breathing is pretty complicated if you think about it. Are you thinking about it? We’re not. Guess what we’re thinking about. Now send that guess to And if you guess correctly, we’ll send you the thing we’re thinking about.

Don’t see your dream role?

Email us anyway at
It might take us a bit, but we’ll be in touch.