Our studio was founded on the belief that original, impactful work is best made by using processes that do not feel like work.

Headquartered in San Francisco and designing across all timezones. We apply this ethos to every brand, campaign, experience, and product we shape.


Once when asked to explain his approach to design, Casey stood up, bent his knees, focused his eyes on the ground, and mimed a slow steady golf swing. When asked to elaborate, he headed to the kitchen and began preparing J. Kenji-Lopez Alt’s recipe for late night tortilla jian bing. When asked to put his answer in words, he replied “Excuse me for a sec” and left the room. Moments later he reappeared in a wetsuit with surfboard in hand and said, “Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated. That’s Paul Rand.” And that’s Casey.

Casey MartinFounder / ECD

Yes, Lindsay is growing out her bangs. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. Growth is her strong suit. She savvily manages the studio’s resources and workflow to ensure optimum efficiency and growth. Same goes for all the flowers she grows in her backyard garden. As future focused as she is, she’s also a big fan of the past. Lindsay adores old school artisan craftsmanship and patterns in the grand millennial style. Only mentioning that in case you’re thinking of sending her a thank you gift for being so amazing.

Lindsay McMenaminOperations Lead

One important thing to know about Kyle is that the interior of his brain looks like Wingdings. He’ll gladly show you his CAT scan if you don’t believe him. Three more things to know are that he loves comfortable clothing, listening to heavy metal while working and living peacefully in his mid-coast Maine cape. However, he hates widows and orphans. IN TYPESETTING, of course. For god sakes, he’s not a monster. The man has a heart of gold. And a brain of Wingdings.

Kyle L. BeckCreative Director

Ellis insists on keeping things very simple. He leads a modest hermit-like existence in Los Angeles, where he enjoys working to the beat of a repetitive ambient drum. When he hits a creative wall, he does the predictable thing. He takes a walk. But even the most humdrum folk have at least one quality that sets them apart. Ellis is no exception. He’s never purchased anything on

Ellis Latham-BrownDesign Director

If you’re not listening to horrific tales of paranormal phenomena while designing brand identity systems, are you even designing? Creepypasta is the soundtrack to Kelly’s work life. Kelly herself isn’t creepy. She’s an incredibly loving person who would do anything in the world for Alice, her pasta eating Maltipoo. Don’t be jealous, Slenderman. Kelly loves you too. Just within reason.

Kelly ScheurichDesign Director

Rosie is a human dynamo. With more sides to her being than Hurme Geometric Sans 3 has weights. First there’s the side that despises typeface humor. Then the side which almost became a vet, dabbled in dairy farming and still prefers animals to humans. Her benevolent side that yearns to design an equitable system for redistributing the world’s wealth in the name of all that’s rosey and good. All these sides live like a queen in a country ruled by a king. Yep. England.

Rosie BloomDesign Director

Jaime is Play’s resident UX/UI master. He designs and builds websites, interactive prototypes and countless to-do lists. When he forgets to make a to-do list, he gets very, very irritated. Not rip-off-your-shirt-and-turn-green irritated. But tear-a-sheet-of-paper-in-two-and-make-that-to-do list-you-forgot irritated. We should all be inspired by Jamie’s inimitable composure and dedication to greatness.

Jaime Patino-CalvoInteractive Designer

You may know Chandler from the concert poster he designed for his favorite band, Beach House. Or maybe you know him from his work as a hand model for a certain stationery company. Wouldn’t that be wild if that’s how you knew him? Who are you? Maybe this should be your bio. No no. This is about Chandler Reed. An accomplished designer who adores Century Schoolbook, is irritated by motion smoothing technology, and to this day, wishes his name was Arnold Shortman. Did you know that? HOW? How could you have known all that?

Chandler ReedSenior Designer

Sammy may be the youngest designer on staff. But he’s by no means the greenest. Though it was his need for green that led him to a career in graphic design. Deep in debt from losing thousands of bets incorrectly guessing the weights of newborn babies, Sammy was forced to make the ultimate bet. Either pay off his debts creating brand identities the likes of which the design world has never seen, or live the rest of his life under an assumed identity. Don’t screw this up, Sammy.

Sammy Al-AsmarDesigner

When Play needs things written (like these bios) they often ask David. He will then ask his dog Clarence if he thinks he can do it. His dog won’t understand what he’s asking. Leaving David no choice but to start writing. It’s a fairly scientific process. One he learned from his mentor, a typing chimpanzee.

David SchermerCopywriter


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