Unlike many AI data collection companies, Avala is on a mission to build a more equitable digital labor economy. Their new brand identity system supports that goal by positioning the company as a fair-minded global citizen, and our design invites the viewer to see data differently. A single data pixel sits at the heart of the logomark. The soft human curves of a lowercase “a” envelop the pixel, offsetting the rigidity of its square gridded form. As the system comes to life, so does the idea that good ripples outward. Grids and extrusions used throughout the design act as pathways for the pixel to travel along. Through lively 3D-rendered animation, the pixel illustrates Avala’s quest to connect businesses to better data and its people to better opportunities. All in a way that is approachably human and digitally optimistic.

  • 3D Rendering
  • Animation
  • Art Direction
  • Brand Strategy
  • Identity System
  • Logo
  • Messaging

Knowledge & Data
To express Avala’s role as a gatherer of data and builder of knowledge, the pixel (recontextualized as a cube) is gathered and rearranged among other cubes in an endless cycle to build something greater.

Transportation & Identification
Smoothly moving in opposing lanes of traffic, the cube nods to Avala’s work as conductor of modern transportation and ID networks.

Equality & Inclusion
An increasing number of cubes ripple outward, alluding to Avala’s commitment to equality and inclusion.

Play Team: Alexia Webber, Alli Berk, Brion Nuda-Rosch, Casey Martin, Claire Whitman, David Schermer, Dylan Wells, Ellis Latham-Brown, Kelly Scheurich, Kyle L. Beck, Lauren König, Lindsay McMenamin, Marcio Flausino, Rosie Manning, Sammy Al-Asmar, Simon Blanckensee

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