Cy Biopharma

Cy Biopharma develops breakthrough drug therapies for treating chronic pain, through the generation of novel psilocybin and other psychedelic-derived molecules. The identity system balances the mystical with the scientific. Vibrantly fuzzy, neon-tinged, amorphous shapes are grounded by Swiss design grids and sharp, clean typography. Colorfully, serene nature imagery echoes Cy’s vision to work with nature to enhance nature.

  • Logo
  • Identity System
  • Packaging
  • Naming
  • Art Direction
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Development

The Cy color palette was derived from the many dynamic hues found in our natural world, then enhanced through a heightened lens. The palette utilizes gradients — expressions of color that feel fluid, transformative, and healing.

The website design reflects the scientific and transcendental qualities of the Cy brand. Swirling gradients invite visitors to scroll and explore. Generous space throughout fosters a sense of freedom and openness. Clean, well-considered typography upholds Cy's bold therapeutic mission.

The simplicity of the Univers typeface grounds the bright, ethereal quality of the other design elements. Its utilitarian nature makes it a strong structural choice in all sizes and contexts, from packaging to data to website.

Team: Casey Martin, Chandler Reed, Claire Whitman, David Schermer, David Kopidlansky, Dylan Wells, Ellis Latham-Brown, Jaime Patino-Calvo, Kelly Scheurich, Kyle L. Beck, Lindsay Mcmenamin, Marcio Flausino, Mathew Foster, Owen Cramp, Rosie Manning, Simon Blanckensee, Xiaoxue Meng

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