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Next Legacy gives philanthropists, athletes, and changemakers a seat at the table by investing in access-constrained venture funds and venture-backed companies. To help visualize Next Legacy’s mission to serve as a creator of positive change for all communities, we focused our exploration on the combined themes of institutional rigor and competitive spirit. This led us to the world of trophies. They’ve served as a symbol of achievement across athletics, cultural institutions, and philanthropy for millennia.

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Next Legacy was formed when veteran venture capital firms, Legacy Venture and Next Play Capital, united as one entity. Next Legacy came to Play in search of a brand identity that could bridge its rich history and uniqueness with their unified mission and strategy.

The logomark is expressed through a trophy shape that pays homage to the classic optical illusion of Rubin’s vase. The faces seen in the negative space of the trophy represent the brand’s commitment to strategic connections and mission to amplify the impact of a diverse community of philanthropists, athletes, cultural luminaries, and founders.

The brand utilizes a graphic language of illustration, supergraphics and iconic shapes. An array of basic shapes and dotted lines found in data visualization and athletics bring the illustrations to life. They communicate Next Legacy’s values: the value of relationships, outperformance through diverse thinking, excellence through stewardship, employing a next play mindset, and rookie determination.

The website design tells the Next Legacy story through use of refined typography, considered whitespace, energetic motion, and subtle graphic texture. A combination of Gestura Headline, Untitled Sans, and Alpha Headline typefaces balance simple, modern elegance and practicality with a technical sportiness.

Printed touchpoints—from stationery to annual reports—exude a focused thoughtfulness achieved through bold messaging, dynamic layouts, and elegant materials.

Branded swag features an all-inclusive mixture of sporty and highbrow styles. Apparel and other collectibles would be welcome at home, on the field, or at the office.

On July 13, 2023, Next Legacy held its annual Bridge Summit in San Francisco: an exclusive one-day event featuring talks from leading funds, companies, and broader thought leaders. We designed a sub-brand for the event that leverages the style and character of the Next Legacy identity.

Team: Casey Martin, Chandler Reed, Chris Malven, Claire Whitman, David Schermer, Eric Louis Hanes, Lindsay McMenamin, Marcio Flausino, Mari Juliano, Michael Ryan Wood, Owen Cramp, Rosie Bloom, Sammy Al-Asmar, Simon Blanckensee, Stian Rasmussen, Xiaoxue Meng

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