OpenAI DevDay

On 11.6.2023, OpenAI hosted its first DevDay, a one-day conference for hundreds of developers from around the globe. They convened in San Francisco to preview OpenAI’s newest tools and exchange ideas. Working closely with OpenAI, we developed a design system to give this inaugural event a distinct and memorable vibe reflective of the OpenAI brand.

  • Logo
  • Identity System
  • Art Direction
  • Signage & Environment
  • Motion
  • Advertising
  • Photography
  • UX/UI Design

We set the OpenAI DevDay logotype in Söhne Mono. A typeface that invokes the look of classic computer code. The logotype’s monospaced structure allows it to shift and stack into a variety of arrangements while maintaining a crisp 90 degree rectangular form.

The design system centers around the basic building block of all computer data: the bit. We arranged hundreds of these bits together to form a radiating ring. Each bit’s simple square shape gives the ring a compelling flexibility to be viewed uniquely at macro and micro levels.

The DevDay colors were selected from OpenAI’s broader palette. Paired in contrasting hues, the variety of colors represent the diversity of ideas and people at the event. Color pairings informed everything from signage to animations to swag.

When animated the system cycles through a series of dynamic geometric movements. Freely expanding, transforming, shifting, and revealing itself in fresh ways.

In partnership with production masters, Strong Brew, we brought the design system to life throughout the physical event space. From the moment attendees entered the venue, they were welcomed by captivating wall designs, wayfinding signage, canvas artwork, and digital info screens.

The computer bit motif translated naturally into the event space’s primary wayfinding system. Bits were configured as a series of stackable cubes featuring bit patterns, directional typography, and logos.

In every corner of the venue, the system showed up in surprising and delightful ways, including an interactive feedback wall, directory maps, as well as window and mirror details.

The design system took center stage alongside every DevDay speaker. Each presentation featured fully designed slides using our system. All set against a bit-inspired backdrop. In between sessions our playful animated designs took over the stage.

Of course, no conference is complete without branded swag. To properly commemorate the day, attendees were given sweatshirts, enamel pins, stickers, ID badges, and totes in a wide array of colors and styles.

OpenAI: CJ Minott, Cory Decareaux, Hannah Wong, Justin Wang, Kendra Rimbach, Krithika Muthukumar, Ruby Chen, Sarah Wray, Thomas Degry

Play: Casey Martin, Chandler Reed, Claire Whitman, David Schermer, Eric Louis Hanes, Kelly Scheurich, Lindsay McMenamin, Lauren König, Michael Ryan Wood, Owen Cramp, Rosie Bloom, Sammy Al-Asmar, Stian Rasmussen, Xiaoxue Meng

Strong Brew: Amy Gavin, James Lane, Karen Scarminach, Leah Lane, Matthew Salerno, Shaun Bruce

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